Attention Business Owners

Have you poured your life’s work into your company? Is your operation resilient enough to create a lasting legacy?

Whether stepping down from your business feels worlds away or just around the corner, Accelerate Advisory can help you achieve personal and financial freedom. 

Exit your business with no regrets.

How is it possible that three quarters of owners are disappointed just one year after what should be the happiest day of their life? The answer is, most owners fail to consider the practical and emotional factors that can lead to disappointment after an exit.

The questions that make up the Personal Readiness to Exit (PRE) Score questionnaire are designed to help you evaluate your preparedness to exit your business and ensure you leave your company with no regrets.

Don’t leave your future to chance. Research shows that there’s too much at risk:

  • 95% of owners aren’t happy with the current value of their business
  • Most don’t understand the drivers that boost profitability
  • 70% of owners who sell end up disappointed

Now is the perfect time to take a deep dive into your business strategy, accelerate your business results, and build value.

Scott Carpenter, Founder and Business Advisor at Accelerate Advisory

Meet Scott Carpenter, Business Advisor and Founder of Accelerate Advisory

As a Certified Value Builder advisor, I believe in the importance of resilience to drive the future of your business and enrich your life. My mission is to empower you with breakthrough solutions that increase the value of your biggest asset: your business. Together, we create a comprehensive plan that elevates the value of your life’s work.

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