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Scott Carpenter, Founder and Business Advisor at Accelerate Advisory

Scott Carpenter

Business Advisor

My name is Scott Carpenter, and I’m the Founder of Accelerate Advisory. As a Certified Value Builder, I’m here to make a difference beyond your company’s success.

With passion, integrity, and a sense of humor, I guide business owners like myself to define and reach their goals. For 30+ years, I’ve helped companies achieve breakthrough sales growth and profitability.

My tenacious approach gets to the heart of your business, open your mind, and transforms your life.

To help leaders unleash each other’s talent, I facilitate collaborative peer programs. These workshops tap into your creative problem solving to infuse your business with resilience. If you’re ready to steer your team into the future, I can arm you with knowledge and confidence to rise above today’s business challenges.


These are the 3 building blocks that make up a strong business and a strong leader:


Consistent performance is the result of agility. A resilient business recharges its battery quickly and improves constantly.

Tenacious Dialogue

Tenacious Dialogue

Honest conversations are at the heart of nimble teams. This is how your business continues to grow and amplify its footprint.

Head, Heart, and Gut

Starting with objective information, our successful approach identifies what excites you and leverages your instinct.